We want to know your favorite wine store…

Check out your local wine stores…many are having FREE wine tastings at this time of year.  They are your best resource for helping you find your favorite wine!  You will usually find the staff to be very knowledgeable and willing to help you..don’t be afraid to ask what wine to serve with your barbecue, or any other questions you might have.  These wine tastings are the BEST way to taste and learn about wines!  Very often you will find these wines to be at reasonable prices..so expand your palette and explore your local wine store.

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  1. I love the Wine List in Hyannis – knowlegeable and they always pick a winner no matter whats on the menu!

  2. I agree The Wine List in Hyannis has a very knowledgeable staff, and they have great weekly wine tastings with affordable wines. All the wines are neatly displayed and labeled with information to help you with your food pairings. The wine tastings are a great way to meet people, if you don’t go with friends you will have friends when you leave….

  3. Local wine stores are a great resource for purchasing wine. With a knowledgeable staff they can guide you as you select that special bottle of wine. Please share your favorite wine store with us.

  4. Cotuit Liquors has a great selection and will stock anything you request.

  5. Blanchard Liquors in Marshfield, MA has wine tastings and an abundant wine selection.

  6. Andy’s Market in Mashpee, MA and Cotuit Liquors in Cotuit, MA are my favorites.

  7. If you are in the Randolph, MA area stop at Bon Vivant for a unigue wine store experience. If you aren’t, check out their website http://www.bonvivantwine.com

  8. There is a new wine shop in Seymour, CT – Mountain Road Wine and Liquors. They are super friendly and a good buddy of mine manages the place and has some super bargain deals for good wine.


    You can find more info there.

    I also tend to frequent Wines & More in Milford, CT for their great selection of good wines from all over the globe. :)

    -Kronick Wino

  9. Have you been to the wine list http://www.the-wine-list.com in hyannis???..if not, you need to go and you will see why it was voted #1..A great place to go if you live on the Cape, a great place to go if you are visiting the Cape….

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