The Grapevine…Where have we been and what are we doing?

On Saturday, April 25 from 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. we will be joining the S.Y.N. Sisters at Borsari Gallery on Route 6A in Dennis, MA for a Wine & Beer Tasting to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  This very worthwhile event is sponsered by our friends Borsari Gallery, Cape Destinations, Truro Vineyards, Cape Cod Beer, Lady Slipper Stationary, and Chapins.  We hope you will be able to join us..the cost is $20.00 per person and $30.00 per couple.

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  1. To celebrate Spring we took 3 wine friends to 3 wineries. You can find their comments on our site. We had a great day traveling the back roads of Connecticut and Rhode Island. We started our day at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Connecticut I think we were the first ones there and for a short time had a private tasting. It did not take long before the tasting bar started to fill up. They have several weddings planned there this season…it is certainly a beautiful place for any reception.

    We then traveled to Maugle Sierra Vineyards in Ledyard, Connecticut This is a very special winery and we were greeted in the tasting room by the owner and wine maker Paul. He guided us through an informative tasting with the magic of the Hershey Kiss. You have to see this tasting room to believe it, and we hope you have the same aaaahhhh response we all had when we opened the doors.

    Noah’s in Stonington was our choice for lunch and it was delightful. Stonington is a beautiful coastal town in Connecticut, reminding us of Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard.

    Westerly, Rhode Island is a short ride from Stonington, traveling along the coast and is home to Langworthy Farm Winery and Bed and Breakfast. Our timing was just right, as we met the owners and winemaker…again an insightful visit learning the wine making process, and listening to their story.

    As I have said before every glass of wine tells a story as does each bottle and winery. The wineries of New England each have fascinating stories to share…we invite you to go and listen to their stories and enjoy the wine while you are there! We did!

  2. OOPS… I forgot the website for Langworthy Farm Winery. It is

  3. This new site was just launched and I am going to CELEBRATE at the Fine Wine Auction at WGBH at their new Brighton studios. You may be able to join me..the information is below..
    A Boston tradition since 1984! The evening begins at 4:30 with an elegant hors d’oeuvres and wine reception as you examine the lots of wine. From 6 - 8 pm, join the spirited bidding as auctioneer Marie Keep, Director of Fine Wines at Skinner’s, entertains you with insights about the wines as they are presented.

    Please visit to view the lots. The exceptional wines have been chosen from private cellars and vintners from across the country - a 2000 Chateau Petrus, 1963 Croft Vintage Port, and a 1996 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon magnum signed by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi.

  4. Congrats Debbie and Paul -I’ll be a frequent guest here at the “virtual vineyard”!

  5. Thank you Paula…and Thank you for all your help planting our virtual vines!

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